revealI had a better sleep last night, but I still wake feeling so sore and stiff. We go back to normal life today after our spa and massages.

I spent some quiet time in the bath in hotel today and I was praying about why am struggling so much with his next surgery. It’s really baffled me how I could be so calm after being diagnosed with cancer yet this second surgery, the preventative surgery has got me all tied up in knots.

While I was praying about it, God revealed to me that I’m trying to do all of this in my strength not in his. My goodness what a revelation! It’s so true, when I was on my knees waiting for the cancer diagnosis I gave everything to God. Since then, I’m back in my own strength trying to do it all myself and of course I’m struggling. Thank you Lord for the powerful reminder.

After having such a lovely warm spa and massage Marc and I both want to get a spa now, we’ll put that on the bucket list. But back home this afternoon money comes home tonight, Sam home tomorrow.  I’m feeling overwhelmed as this month has flown and surgery is upon me very soon.  I will remember to lean into God and not to do in my strength. I got two more good books today about breast cancer, more reading, more learning, more understanding.