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Apologies for being off line

sorry post it

To all my dear supporters,

This is a quick apology to explain why you have not heard from me in a while.  I think it is 10 days now.  We have been on holidays and it was great.  I began learning to surf, I have a whole new respect for the ocean and for anyone who is able to get upright on a board!

Whilst away on our idyllic holiday my computer was infected with a virus and also my email was hacked.  Two separate incidents apparently, but as such I was off-line until the issue was fixed.

I had planned to keep in some contact during my break but good my intention was foiled!

Life can be confronting and scary enough without people breaking into your private – cyber life like that. I felt violated in some ways.  I was unable to use the internet in case my key strokes were being recorded.  My business and private emails were hacked which meant key people and colleagues got very weird messages from me and if they clicked on the link may have been infected also.

So please if you ever get a weird email from anyone don’t click on the link!!!!  Even if it’s your Mum!

It has been a very eye opening experience.  But I am back on line and will post to the blog tomorrow.  I will be starting something a little different this year and making one post each week purely about resourcing you.  Whether you have cancer, know someone who has or just want to be really healthy I am sure this will be of benefit and interest.

If there is something in particular you would like me to cover or share please comment and let me know, I’m an awful mind reader.  Until then please take care, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.


To your best year yet!

Kylie xx


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  1. Sorry you had such hassles with the computer. Glad you are up and running again. I look forward to you new blogs – resourcing you. I am always learning how to be healthier.

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