futureIt’s Sunday today so we are up and ready for church early then I go to my girlfriends for lunch. It’s so important to remain connected with people that fill you up, that understand you and breathe life into you.

This is a friend of mine who is also in business for herself very similar to my business before my illness. She is so busy with her business, which is just great. Part of me really misses it. But I also feel in two minds. I know I cannot go back to working the way I was. I was exhausted, I’m sure it contributed to me becoming sick.  I don’t want to be so driven for work to be so relentless. But I need to build a profitable self-sufficient and sustainable business.

I want a business that makes a difference in the lives of everyday people. That helps me fulfil my purpose in this world. I know God wants me to do this and I know the way will appear at the right time.

Until then I need to lean into him and focus on getting well. This will be a challenge as patience has not been a virtue of mine.  When God says “I am the lamp to your feet,” I’m the sort of person who wants a floodlight shining 5 km ahead.  Trusting completely in God and being in the moment are skills I’m still working on.