nightBad night, one of our dogs was really restless, waking me every hour.  Then they tag teamed it and the other had awful diarrhea from 430.  I have been awake playing nurse to a dog since then…..

I had lunch with an old colleague today it was really nice to see her.  We used to work very closely together, before everything changed….

The I had some physio for my chest and was given some deep manual massage and pilates moves and stretches for my chest and hips.  The exercises get everything moving again post surgery and also help to build strength again.  This is not only for my recovery but forward planning for me so that when we get to Hawaii I can paddle board as I am dreaming to do.

Visited a dear friend today who lost their beloved dog, they were heart broken it was seriously like losing family.  Then up until late supporting the kids with various school projects. I am bone tired now and desperately need sleep.