broken-systemYay, I did sleep well, my period pain is quite strong but is responding to my Nurofen.  So funny how after the surgery, chemo, bone pain etc, period pain still hurts.

Church was AHHHMAZING today; Jentzen Franklin was seriously on fire!  So many praise reports.  A baby that was close to dying with a heart issue is healing, a close friend with heart failure is on the mend, many people said I looked better.  It is just so encouraging being around my fellow believers.

We had some of Marc’s old friends over for dinner tonight.  It is important to stay connected and sharing a meal has always been a way that we like to connect with people.

One of his friends asked me if I would change anything about the journey so far.    BIG QUESTION.  Glad he asked it on a good day.  I said I wouldn’t because it is teaching me so much that I may not have learned unless.  But I would change the system.  The system is broken, women need to be cared for, supported and educated on how to heal and prevent this from happening.  Doctors need to learn how to show empathy and not be scared to care.  Complementary medicine needs to be accepted and openly supported.


It was a lovely night, its late, I am so tired but wide awake….. I hope I sleep.