healingI woke at 2am to go to the loo, and sailed right back off to sleep only to wake at 730am??? Oh my, am I through the worst of it??   Don’t count your chickens Kylie, I say to myself….

I got my period today, weird, the oncologist said my cycle may not come back after chemo.  I had no warning, I was a little annoyed at that really.  I, in the bathroom talking to Marc about it almost indignant at the lack of warning, when he says “ so what is usually the warning?”  I say, “breast tenderness….”

Duhhhh how can you be warned when you don’t have any????   Thank goodness this revelation caused me to laugh out loud not burst into tears. My black humour has really served me well through this.

We had a wonderful breakfast with our new found friends who are also battling breast cancer as a couple.  Sharing this crap fight with another couple who get it is really encouraging us both.

Marc and I then had a quiet day. It was just so nice to S_L_O_W  D_OW_N

and spend time.  So nice….

It is a weird feeling experiencing period pain again, I truly thought it was over for me.  Does this mean my body is healing itself?   I think I will go with this story…

Quiet night, watched the Rugby (only for my mans sake), walked the dogs (only for their sake) and then off to bed, I need to sleep well tonight…