painmustWell I slept until midnight ( I got to sleep after 11), then was awake unitl 2am, dosed for 30 minutes then awake until 430am, then slept until 6.  Of course it is a Monday…….

I am catching up with a dear friend today for lunch and a movie.  To say I am looking forward to it is an understatement.  We saw “the fault in our stars” I bawled like a baby!!  Sad, heart breaking, beautiful.  A great quote “ Pain must be expressed”

This really spoke to me as I struggle to show this, is it because I see it as weakness, I feel too vulnerable, not capable….hmmmm so much for me to consider.

So whether it is constructive or not it needs to be expressed.  I have read a lot about pain (and even emotions) getting stuck in our body and causing illness.  It is so interesting, I mean emotion is energy, so why can’t it get stuck.  This is something for me to ponder further for sure….

I have a lot of pain in my hips and knees again tonight, I ended up taking Tramal to help.  This bone pain is not one of my favourites.  My Mum really struggled with this and ended up with bone cancer.  Today this doesn’t play on my mind would be lying…..