I’m awake from 2 AM again!  This horrible sleep pattern and lack of sleep is really getting me down. How am I meant to heal when I’m so exhausted?Sick as a dog concept - Dog in bed with scarf and water bottle on its head.

When morning comes I realise I’m really sore, my chest is so swollen at the surgery site and under my arms around my torso. When I left the house today I didn’t wear a bra I’m just too sore, then again what am I trying to support? It’s funny how we need to break old habits.

I’m having a lot of nerve pain today, which I’m taking as a sign of healing. I saw the nutritionist and she said that I will need to increase my rest so I can heal. I’d love to do that but I think sleep is a big part.

I’m going to have two green vegetable drinks a day, increase my melatonin to help with sleep and add ginseng to help with energy.

I’ve contacted my physio to ask what I can be doing to help my recovery; I just want to feel well again.

I sat up and had a lovely talk with one of the kids tonight; gosh it was so nice to connect with them. I fell into bed at 1030 so desperate for a good sleep. I can’t keep my eyes open…