geneticI saw the geneticist Saturday, no BRCA gene but something genetic is going on.  They explained that whenever cancer comes before the age of 50 it’s usually genetic or environmental.  They will put all the information into a letter, they are mostly concerned for my niece. Both her mum and her grandmother had breast cancer.  As well as ovarian cancer on her Dad’s side of her family.  I am believing that she will be protected from any of this experience.

It’s funny before my diagnosis I had no interest in finding out if I had the BRCA gene.  Now that I know I have cancer, I’m more open to the idea of prevention and being empowered with information. I knew that if I was told I had cancer in my genes before I was diagnosed that I could have worried myself into the illness.  The power of the mind……

I had coffee with one of the women from my support group, it was so nice. She shared a list of great books to read I think she will become a very good friend. It’s so nice to sit with someone who really understands what you’re going through.

Saw the plastic surgeon today and I need to get bra’s before surgery. They are not sexy, lovely, pretty bras but really ugly support bras. He is helpful and positive of a good result I need to prepay both him and the anesthetist. It will be another few thousand dollars before the expansion process is finished. Despite having private health cover it is still an expensive journey.

He said it will be a minimum of 6 to 12 months for the expansion process and he said that my chest will feel cold and weird. I can hardly imagine. Sam came home today was lovely to receive a big hug.