gratitudeWhat a horrible night’s sleep, I have no fan so I’m struggling with the hot flushes its a new room which normally spells disaster for me so all in all a recipe for a poor night’s sleep.

Had a lovely quiet morning with Marc, waking to the last post at five in the morning was just divine! Being ANZAC weekend, it’s a really special time for us here in Australia.

It was a drive for the service but the rain fell for the March. We had a view of the march from a window which was just so special. I’m feeling very emotional and thankful for the sacrifice that our soldiers made so that we may live in freedom.

It just makes me think on how precious life is and how we shouldn’t waste a single moment. It’s interesting how different experiences in life can make you sit back and take stock and realise just all that you have been blessed with.

I’m feeling full of gratitude tonight.