I woke feeling okay, feeling a little lost as I have nothing planned today ( but there is always lots I can do).  I also am waiting to find out more about the insurance issue today. We asked our representative to fight the decision and take it to the very top as we just did not feel it was fair. unsettled

After a little research I found that the anxiety label came from me having a prescription for Valium while I struggled with IBS.  My doctor unknown to me had written in the notes that stress and anxiety had caused my IBS ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Now while this may be true I’ve never been diagnosed or treated for anxiety. I’ve also never had a day off from work due to my IBS. It’s like everything else in my life I had worked through the pain. Until now I’ve always been able to work through it but not any more.

I’m feeling really unsettled, knowing whether or not we will have any financial support during my illness is hanging over me like a weight. I just need to know the answer. I ended up having a productive morning washing tidying doing some writing I made lunch and then ended up fixing this noisy fan. Turns out I put the blades on backwards lol.  Then I hit that familiar wall I’m feeling as flat as a flat thing.

I had a headache and sick in my stomach knowing …. I’m just blahhh.  I lay down and then as it got dark I got up and cooked dinner. I’m ready to bed now but I did have a nice night with the family.  We had our baby girl ( aka puppy)   Betty boo desexed today as well.