I slept fairly well, tossed and turned  a little bit the new fan is noisy and it kept me up. Without it I would have melted into the mattress so at least I’m cooler.

Funny thing, I realised later that I had put the fan together backwards which is why it is noisy and also not very strong……  I suppose at least I realised :0


I had a meeting with a photographer today she’s really excited at helping me tell my story I also had lunch with a fellow cancer survivor was really great.  We met in hospital just before we had a radioactive isotope injected into us she has had such a challenging time.

She ended up getting an infection with chemo and had to have a port put in her chest. During the routine procedure the nerve was cut accidentally and now she’s been left with a permanently damaged voicebox.  She can hardly speak and it really hurts. Now she is in a legal battle with the hospital as to who is responsible.

Now who needs that on top of a cancer diagnosis?

It was so great just to sit with her spend time and share some of the weird and wonderful experiences you have on such a journey. I told her how I cope with acidic diarrhoea. She was so pleased because she’s been struggling with that and did not know what to do. Who’d have thought I’d be sharing this type of information?

No rest today, busy doing errands and catching up so have to have a quiet day tomorrow. It’s become a bit like that simple maths if I don’t rest one day it’ll catch on with the next day. I never thought I’d feel so frail, but what I need to focus on is the strength I have.