Woke today with a massive headache and was taking pain relief as I got out of bed. Not a great start today…..  Although  I had acupuncture and then Im off to see the  psychologist. It’ll be great to unload. I talked to Marc before he went to work today about treatment and what I need to stop if money becomes an issue. He agreed that we will need to stop the integrative treatment that isn’t covered by Medicare.   As we simply cannot afford it, its either treatment or paying the mortgage……sweetrelief

I know he’s right but I’m so angry, this is the treatment that is actually helping me cope with the symptoms… with the pain with all the things that are causing me so much hassle. I’m not mad at Marc at all  but that the situation; at the compromise that we are forced to make because we don’t have the money. And then I stop and think just how many other people do this on a daily basis????

How many women don’t get to have the best treatment for  them because they can’t afford it? It’s really bloody wrong it makes my blood boil.  The system is flawed.  The insurer is happy to take my money then when you need them, they fight not to pay.

Acupuncture was fabulous and a psychologist was also great, I’ve been encouraged to meditate daily. Anyone who knows me knows that this has been an ongoing battle. Quieting  my mind, has been one of my biggest struggles.  Anyone else relate???

I got home to a phone call from our insurance representative. I took a deep breath and waited for the words to hit me. He said they’ll pay.  I now will receive the income protection insurance that I’ve had in place until I can go back to work.  Oh my lord I have no words for the relief….. I cannot believe the blessing.


Tears of sweet relief flow down my cheeks, I can still continue with he integrative treatment that has been helping me so much.

I started to Tamoxifen again today, let’s see how long it takes before I notice the toxicity. I also see the thyroid doctor tomorrow it’s time to try and get this hashimoto’s under control.