So work up early today and it an early blood test and I’m seeing my breast surgeon today. I couldn’t get into the blood test. Laverty pathology is absolutely shocking, I make my appointment, I arrive early and there were about nine people already waiting. Some for more than 90 minutes!!!!  The customer service was disgusting I will certainly be writing to them.

frustratedMy Breast Surgeon is ready for 5 May surgery, in case you’ve forgotten this is where I have my other breast removed and potentially my ovaries.  The aim of this surgery from my perspective, is to greatly reduce my chance of the cancer returning to the other breast and to minimise future outbreaks by taking my ovaries which are producing estrogen. In my case estrogen is what is fueling the breast cancer.

Funnily enough my surgeon was nice to me today. The breast care nurses have been great in helping me understand that I don’t get emotional support and encouragement from my surgeon. His job is one and only one, and that is to cut out the cancer and hopefully prevent it from coming back. It was a hard lesson one realise that the emotional side of this treatment does not come at all from my surgeons or specialists but it’s a good lesson to know.

If you’re not getting support from your medical professionals, and I support I mean the emotional side, and it’s really important that you get some people into the corner that can support your emotional needs; it’s essential.  Whilst this is  physical condition it really knocks you about emotionally.

I then went to HCF, bad idea. I couldn’t get my psychology refunded and I got so little back for acupuncture it was almost a joke. Apparently you can’t go privately to psychology before you’ve exhausted Medicare. Another part of our health system that I don’t understand.

Sam went to youth group tonight, and Marc and I went to a friend’s celebration party for his acceptance to the bar – as a Barrister.  It was great to celebrate with him. So tired but that was a good night but I really need to sleep in tomorrow is a really big day.  It’s hard to balance having fun, socialising and the ever decreasing capacity I have.