I saw my nutritionist today; she is positive that we can decrease pain and improve my thyroid function. She has me on some herbs and two new supplements to decrease folic acid, activate vitamin B12 which will all decrease pain and increase energy. Of course all of this sounds great to me.

She also asked me to begin strength training with the aim to decrease circulating cortisol and increase adrenal function. The aim of this is to improve my thyroid and hormones. HEALTH-National-healthy-living-Day-300x278

What I can recommend to all of you following and reading, is encourage you to get in contact with functional medicine specialists that will help you get your life back. Please don’t stop where the oncology and the breast cancer surgeons stop. In their mind they’ve cut, burned and poisoned your body and the job is done. However we live in this carnage that is wreaked havoc on our bodies and we need to deal with the symptoms and the side-effects of all of this treatment and get back to our lives and the best way we can.

These doctors try their best and have great intentions but the truth is that I live in our body that I know what it feels like to have fatigue, pain, emotional tension, fear and other lingering side-effects such as menopause. They don’t understand that you no longer feel like you used to before this life changing diagnosis and they don’t know what to do help us.

This is where we need to truly rise above and do what is right for us because after all it is our life and we need to get back and get back in quality not necessarily quantity.

I also had acupuncture today which is always good. If you’ve never tried this I encourage you to give it a go it has really helped me get through the worst of the treatments.

Came home and slept until 5 PM then had a swim as it was really hot.  Whoever you are, what have you been through, with you had breast cancer, another cancer or any other chronic illness I encourage you to learn, to understand your illness, to do whatever you need to do to take charge of health.  You are worth it!