I spent time today with my lovely friend Rachel. I realised on a new level that I need to take time to nurture myself, to find the answer me to laugh just sit enjoy and spend time with the people that I love.

Went to the Cancer support group tonight and we talked about sexual health and I learned that I have most of the symptoms of menopause. As a woman in my prime this was really hard to hear.

I also learned that this is a season, most things improve and that the idea of use it or lose it remains very very important. The women leading the group encouraged us to view this as an opportunity to reinvent our relationships. I also got lots of great encouragement for the article in the newspaper that was released recently.

brokeIt broke my heart to hear how many women in the group didn’t know about the symptoms that they were suffering and the impact of having on the relationships. So many of them talked about being disconnected from their husbands and partners and not being able to explain to them what the problem was.

So many women felt the body was ugly and broken, and didn’t know what to do about where to begin to repair and heal.  This really breaks my heart, as the cancer may no longer be active in many of these cases but these women are still leading painful and broken lives emotionally and physically and even spiritually.