It’s day 17 after my last chemo treatment. I wake with a foggy head and a headache that feels like I have been kicked in the head by a horse.  Graphic enough for you? In fact I was tossing and turning most of the night with the hot flashes and this awful headache. I truly feel like there’s just so much toxin that is trying to escape my body. connected

I ate breakfast and then felt sick and wondered was this the Tamoxifen or not? There’s so many things that could be. I felt really flat for most of the day and having hot flashes and is horrible dull headache.

Tonight I have a date night with my lovely husband. Ladies even though you may not feel like it it’s so important to continue to spend quality time with the ones you love. Please remember they’ve lost so much as well and they’re trying to navigate this journey with you. We went to dinner and a movie it was lovely despite having really restless legs and feeling really achy and tired. All in all a lovely night.

Just a little side note, in fact it should be more than a side note this should have flashing lights attached.

Your loved ones are your world please stay connected to them. I know that you get sick of yourself I know how sick of myself I am. If you are like me, You’re so sick of feeling sick. But just remember that they love you and they can’t read your mind. Just stay connected, keep communicating, do what you can and you will get through this journey look back and be in awe.