Up early and ready for a professional development seminar today. It’s funny even though then someone well I haven’t been out a stop the driving me to continue to research and grows in terms of my business. Suppose that’s part of being an entrepreneur you just can’t switch off. struggline

I’m so tired and would really love not to go but I need to learn what is on the table today and I also promised to support my colleague. I’m just so achy today.

I made it through to 3 PM and then I hit the wall had to go home and sleep. I’m slowly learning that I need to recognise when my body is screaming at me to stop. I didn’t realise until I got so sick just how much I have  pushed myself over the years, and now my body jus won’t let me get away with it.  Pretty cool safety system really for the stubborn pigheaded side of me.

I felt so much better when I woke up, and had a nice night at home. We made a yummy dinner together and watched a movie it was a really lovely night. It’s funny how different my body feels, things that usually  happen normally take so much longer and things I never noticed before are really painful.  For example,  even things like getting up from a chair and laying in bed can really hurt.  I’m so blessed that I have the most patient and loving  man, by my side on this journey.