a-life-shift-20161227cThank you Lord, I rested and it was good!  The chest pain is less today but my body pain is more noticeable.  I feel different in myself, lighter, more optimistic, looking to the future with a smile.  Something has shifted and I am so grateful.

I had a great acupuncture session today and GP visit.  If you struggle with chronic pain or anxiety I encourage you to try it.  I didn’t believe it would work so well and it has been a gift straight from heaven.

I also saw my GP today and she has prescribed me Effexor to trial for the Hot flushes and pain.  I am not sure if I feel like I am giving up or doing the right thing?  Why should I feel like a failure for taking something that may help?  I would never even think someone else was giving up if it was them who were in my shoes so why do I say this to myself?


Good day all up, I did some stretches and light exercise. Was feeling wonderful, then spoke with a fellow cancer warrior who has been told her pathology report is not great and the cancer has spread to her lymph.  I am so angry at the unfairness of this disease.