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Seeing the Oncologist today

road w quoteWoke feeling pretty good today. I have an Oncology visit again today. I still can’t wrap my head around that. “I have an oncologist.” This is a medical doctor I never thought I would have.

She is helpful, she listens, she writes me scripts to help with pain, digestive issues and sleep problems. Man I am taking so much medication. My Blood tests results were good, my liver is struggling but my white cell count was in the normal range! Yeah!

I also had acupuncture today; my positive blood results tell us both that the treatment is supporting my body well. I really feel like I am doing what is right for my body and me.

Came home had a rest and then out to dinner with some friends, rather a lovely day really. I am certainly feeling much less sick than before which is great. Although they say just as you begin to feel well again you head in for the next round.

I must say I am feeling uneasy about the whole “waiting for my hair to fall out” Scenario. Talk about mess with your head.   It is due any day now. I have a cap in my bag at all times; I am making all sorts of jokes like “don’t be in a strong wind.”

It is really bizarre and I am afraid to touch my hair, just waiting for it to fall out in my hands.  It is unlike anything I have experienced before.  Man I hope I have a nice scone.



  1. They told me my hair would fall out on day 14 after the first chemo. When it was still there on day 16, I thought I had beaten the odds and wouldn’t lose my hair. I was at the grocery store later that day and casually ran my fingers through my hair. A big chunk of it came off in my hands. I freaked out, not knowing what I looked like or what to do with the clump of hair in my hand. I went home and within 24 hours, I had basically brushed all the hair from my head and was bald. No shaving required.

    After chemo, my formerly stick straight hair grew back curly and 3 years later, has settled into a nice wave. The moral of the story is that the hair loss was traumatic but my hair looks better now than it did before chemo. I hope this holds true for you too.

  2. Thanks Sharon, I think your’e right mine will be better too xx

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