body outlineI woke feeling like a Truck had hit me. Damn that Truck. My head is aching and fuzzy, sinus all clogged up, body aching and I just couldn’t seem to get going. I had a ‘to do” list in my head but when I got up I realised I was not going to win this battle so I went back to bed.

That’s honestly one of the things I struggle with so much along this journey and that is the unpredictable nature of each day. No matter what you do, you have very little control over how your body will be. I used to be like the old reliable car, every day it would start without question. Yes, it was in need of a service or two but it kept on going.

Now I just can’t promise anyone anything. Now I feel like the car that is the lemon. No matter what you do something goes wrong. This is a very big adjustment for me to make.

So, I listened to my body and got up in a few hours to eat, then exhausted went back to bed again. This lingering headache just will not go away. I am beginning to wonder if the last two “good days” meant I over did it? I’m just not sure anymore….

Our kids get back from camp today – we are excited and have missed them. I am still waiting for my hair to fall out but it seems today is not the day, Yay! I did warn the kids that when they come back I might be bald. They were both cool with it. How blessed am I? I was half waiting for them to ask me not to pick them up, how embarrassing to have a baldy fritz picking you up from camp?

At least I reckon I would have been embarrassed as a teen. My Mum going through her treatment never had chemo so she didn’t lose her hair. I wouldn’t have meant to be mean, but the teen years are tough enough without a bald mother to contend with too.

We had a friend over for dinner and we all sat about the table talking about love, life and the universe. It was really a great night. I am reminded over and over how blessed I am to have such a great family and group of friends surrounding me.