Hand turning the word Unprepared into Prepared with red marker isolated on white.

I’ve stopped Tamoxifen but now I’m stopping a few other supplements before surgery. Things like fish oil can cause internal bleeding. I never knew.  I wonder if I’ll get my cycle before the surgery, anything is possible considering that I shouldn’t have even ovulated.

I did Pilates again today, man it hurts I need to tell myself that the pain feels good. We had lunch with some lovely friends today it is always nice and then Sam, Marc and I went to the movies.  This is one of my favourite things to do; getting lost in someone else’s story is a great way for me to wind down and relax.

Marc’s oldest child comes tomorrow for a visit which is always fun, we can wait to see him.  I am so sore after Pilates, I really need to visualise the toxins leaving my body otherwise it’s just too much and I want to hide in my bed.  Not the best way to get better…