It’s Easter Sunday what a special day. He is risen! He has overcome so that we may live in his freedom. It’s only now that I can see how I haven’t been living in his freedom in the true sense for such a long time. This second chance this new lease on the life given back to me will see me learn to live truly in his freedom.ID:53285953

I’m still ovulating today so I am in a lot of pain and am still having hot flushes as well, which is really interesting.  Just goes to show what a mess my hormones are in.

Spent the day with family today which was lovely. We got a call from the nursing home to say that Marc’s father is not well at all and may be septic. They said that he may not make it through the next few days. Dad has been struggling for such a long time with a long-standing awful chronic brain disease. Watching this journey, helplessly from the sidelines has been very very painful for us all.

What a shock, we seem to go from one challenge to another. Thank goodness that we do not have to do alone and that the good Lord is always with us. It’s been such a big day-to-day emotionally and physically.  I am very tired and achy tonight and cannot wait to lie down in my bed.