cold-winterThis cold still has its grip. I wake so achy and sore each morning and the cold just makes it worse. I limp all the way to the bathroom first thing in the morning, like a wounded cockroach. My body slowly warms up a little, and my movement gets less awkward.  But I still ache all the time.  Such chronic pain like this just ages you.

I seriously feel like an 80-year-old in a 40-year-olds body, when in my head I still feel 16 how weird!

I saw the first round of photos from the photographer today, I’m really happy with them. So glad I decided to capture this journey with photos. My only regret is not having some photos done pre-surgery.  If you are on a similar journey I encourage you to get some professional shots done, or even ones with your own camera.  Pictures tell the story in such a unique way.

Marc’s oldest child Josh arrived today for a quick two-day visit, it’s always great to see him. Sam my youngest is just taller than him, he is growing so fast.  We spent a lovely day catching up and spending quality time. I did Pilates again, today man it hurts.