I did not sleep well, I woke at 4am and could not get back to sleep.  I don’t seem to be worried, the pain is manageable but I am completely wide awake.

I’m due to see the plastic surgeon again today, good timing as the bloody drain is blocked again.  I end up being naughty ad driving myself down I cannot keep asking Marc to leave work and drive me places.  I go in the morning as the surgeon has a space and this drain is really a mess.

I had my first expansion today after the surgery.  So I have these little bags in my chest muscles like little bean bags with a 800ml capacity.  They are to be slowly expanded over the next 12 months to form a pocket in the pectoral muscle for the implants to sit in.

The surgeon finds the metal valve with a magnet then plunges a big arse, long needle through my chest into this valve so inject fluid into the expanders, he says if he expands me now, it may help with the drain.  Something about revers pressure…… Ohh back to the days of physics…..

I cant really feel the needles but I can feel the expanders, wowsers…….My already sore and cut chest muscles being stretched and exploded from within……  I will share pictures later for the brave.

By this evening I am in so much pain I cannot believe it.  If you have had braces and remember the pain after they have been tightened, this is what it feels like in my chest but worse.

I had lunch with my sister and explained the process, what an experience and this is going to be my life every few weeks or as I can handle it until the expanders have done their job.  I pray I sleep tonight, by the way the bloody drain is still going strong…