stomach-bloatingI woke at 2am and was up until 4am, you have to be kidding me.  The feeling when you are completely exhausted but cannot sleep… Pure cruelty.

So today is a quiet day…  My chest is quite sore, but I still walked the dog, I am really trying to get these new habits in place.  While I am walking I can feel fluid sloshing about in my left side, like I have a water bottle strapped to my side, most bizarre feeling.

I had lunch with a fellow “wellness warrior” today, it was really lovely.  Seriously you need to surround yourself with people who understand the journey, because it is so bizarre.

I’m back to see the plastic surgeon again tomorrow hopefully he can sort out the sloshing in my side.  Marc has had a yucky day at work so I will do my bets t give him space as he needs.  I missed my daytime pain meds today but man I need them tonight…