futureI didn’t sleep too well I was wide awake from 4 AM. I’m at hospital by 630 and in surgery before 830. The anesthetist was not very friendly and didn’t explain things.  Just got me on the table and put me to sleep…..

I woke in so much pain, like my chest had been crushed.  I have four drains in.   I woke with no pain relief I was completely out of my mind that couldn’t do anything to get anyone’s attention it was awful.

Someone finally realised the state I was in and asked me what was wrong.  I tried to explain and they eventually gave me Ketamine that almost put me back into a state of sub consciousness. It made me so dizzy and nauseous that I nearly vomited.

Since then they’ve been giving me PCA Fentanyl ( as I need it)  which makes me really nauseous I’ve been sick three times, I’ve had no food today and I just can’t keep anything down.

I’m in so much pain I really cannot believe it. It’s truly the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. They explained it is because of all the muscles that the cut and moved when they put in the expanders. I really, really hope I get some relief soon.