keep-calm-and-carry-on-navy-blue-poster-front__69597-1319984235-1280-1280My hair is growing back but its so fine, it’s just long enough to stick out on angles and not long enough to do anything with. I feel like I have a permanent bad hair day but I refuse to be thankless and the fact that my hair is growing back. As we always say money had a bad haircut  – it will grow soon.

It’s the day before the day today I’m feeling quite anxious and wondering whether I felt I will feel better or worse after this. Someone in my world who has been struggling with my journey and with their own journey said to me today “so is tomorrow just the other boob?”

That tone was like I was going in to have my nails cut and they couldn’t give a crap. It took all my strength not to bite. And I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt. I need to remember this is not about me even as personal as it feels. Holy minimise my shit Batman!

On a more positive note I have had many messages of encouragement. I’m sure be okay Lord I feel empty apart from the fear I have nothing I give it all to you.

I’m so tired today that I’ve packed my bag and I’m ready for the next adventure.