okayI’m in bed by 11 PM only to wake at 3 a.m. I go back to sleep and wake to shuffle my position from my semi left side to semi right side.  The pain in my chest stops me from laying on my sides.

Marc is up at 5 AM I read for 30 minutes and then I have a heavenly sleep until 830! Thank you Lord. My desperation for sleep is making me crazy.  My chest is very sore but I’ll manage with the pain medication.

One of my beautiful friends is here asking how she can help me. As many of you know this is such a struggle for me. But hey I asked her to do the vacuuming, I hear in the background and I just think thank you.

I read about a woman today who took six months to expand to 230 males and she is now having the implants removed due to pain. I at 250 mls only three weeks after surgery!!! So, comparatively I’m doin ok.

Today has been such a big day, I’ve done washing shopping cooking by 5 PM I’m really a key and I need to rest. For all those mums out there who are trying to recover from chronic illness of some kind I see you when you say it’s so hard. There’s always something to do and my darling husband cannot carry the entire load.  he’s already carrying so much.  I guess this is just life.