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How Long is this Bloody Valley??

sunrise out of darknessI woke at 530 am with a growing pain between my shoulder blades. Initially it felt like something literally stuck in my chest, the pain grew to be unbearable.

The pain just keeps growing, to the point where I don’t know what to do, I move, I take slow deep breaths, I walk, nothing eases it.   I lay there rolling about in pain, moaning, that too does not help.  I really don’t know what to do with myself.

After an hour of feeling like I was having a heart attack I get up and take some antacid, only out of complete desperation. After a second dose the pain began to shift. OMG, that was awful!!

Now I am almost afraid to move, so I make a note that on Day 6 post chemo this may happen. This is exactly why I decided to keep a journal. Apart from the feeling of “I am dying” on waking with his horrendous pain in my chest; I feel generally a little better today.

I still have toxic acidic burning diarrhea, a fuzzy head, I am in slo mo and my entire  body is sore ( like I’ve been hit by a bus).  Apart from that I feel better.

I saw my GP and had Acupuncture today. My GP at Sydney Integrative (Formerly U-Clinic) is wonderful. She listens, she helps, she is always willing to take the time. I am so grateful for her support.

I also had acupuncture today, it helps, it eases my symptoms, gives me relief from the pain and heat coming from my body. If you know of any one going through chemo and they are struggling please let them know that acupuncture may be of assistance. Gosh at the very least it is worth a try.

I am having weekly treatment with acupuncture particularly through the full on assault of chemo. I go home and rest. There is literally not much else my body will allow me to do. So rest I will.

I am believing that this is the beginning of the sun beginning to shine through the darkness of the valley I have been in. This is but a season and it too shall pass.



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  1. Thinking of you and metaphorically walking alongside…

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