familypicI keep waking up every four hours for more pain management.   My chest is just burning thank goodness I had acupuncture today. I also see the plastic surgeon today. Goodness me your time gets taken up with medical appointments, chronic illness can be a full-time occupation unfortunately.

I need more medication for everything I really hope my doctor is open to prescribing it. There’s lots of stress at home, everyone is on edge and so the tension is huge. My son is being obstructive, Marc is trying his best but is so frustrated.  I notice that their relationship is really really tense and this makes me so upset.  I know they need to find their own way forward but it’s so hard to watch.

My goodness the teenage years can be so hard, add a blended family to that, a chronic illness or two and you have a recipe for tension. Thank goodness acupuncture was amazing it is so helpful at relaxing me. The surgeon is really happy with my wounds and is surprised the drains are still going so strong.  Thank goodness he gave me more pain medication.

I took busy for a 30 minute walk today. I’m sure I’m walking at the speed of 90 year old but was nice to get out in the sunshine.  Just to add to the picture you have of my experience, I’m not allowed to get my wounds or the drain site wet so showering is not an option. Thank goodness you can’t read smell 🙂