teenI slept a little better with some more pain medication.  However I’m now required to reduce the amount I’m taking which scares me a little. Particularly because the pain has not reduced. I walked the dog again today and noticed that the drain site is weeping. The drain is blocked and now the fluid is oozing from my side, lovely.

I called my plastic surgeon and he can see me in the afternoon.  My sister came over today we had such a nice day and it’s also my baby’s 13th birthday I can’t believe I have a teenager!!  I wish I could have been able to be more upbeat and involved today.

I made Sam and birthday dinner and cake, by an 8pm I’m knackered by 1030 I’m completely stuffed.  The drain is working again but the wound is so sore it just burns.

In bed this evening the pain got so bad I just could not cope; we called the hospital at 11 pm and they said it’s just touching a nerve and tried to tell me to sleep through it, yeah right.  I have not experienced pain like it before…..