rudeawakenI slept until 1 AM and then had to take more pain medication.  I was awake again at 5:30 AM for more.

I’m so sore after just a five-hour gap that I can hardly move. My poor love had to help me this morning, he’s in such a rush trying to get out the door and here is his wife with arms that just don’t work and pain that would worry a horse.  As his running out the door he turned the light on shoves the tablets in my mouth and squirts the water down my throat – a rude but necessary awakening.

I see my breast surgeon today for a post operative checkup. The drain is still going strong so it will be there for a little while yet.  I got the all clear about the pathology in the left breast thank goodness. He is surprised at how sore I am welcome to the club. Everyone’s bloody surprised about the pain I’m in.

In the afternoon I decided to hang a small load of washing and straighten my bed slowly. Oh my goodness within an hour I feel like I’ve ripped my muscles from my sternum I need to go to bed with more pain medication I can hardly move the drain is even more full today 🙁