old-habitsBless Temazepam, it’s helping me so much to sleep at the moment. It’s my first night home and it went pretty well. My drains are still quite full so they need to stay in the longer.  The liquid coming out of my wound needs to be less than 15 mls before the drain can be removed.

So I still have a drain in each side at my rib cage that is draining fluid from both sides of my chest. These drains are so painful at times, if they touch a nerve the burning pain is unbearable. Imagine trying to sleep, I’m sitting up on a pillow all night trying not to move in case I bump the drain.

I found out that one of my dear Auntie’s passed away. There’s only two remaining sisters in my mum’s family and it’s so sad. Mum was one of 11 children she was the youngest and she was one of the first to pass away from breast cancer.

I’m determined to take it slowly and gently today, I really want to begin good habits and keep them in place. Habits like a green smoothie every morning, daily meditation, daily movement (a walk, Pilates, stretching) and writing daily.  Wish me luck …  I’m really keen to instill these new habits, after all they say that cancer can be a lifestyle illness. I really believe that my stress levels have contributed to my health crisis.  I figure while I am recovering it is a good time to instill some new habits.

I’ve spent the day snoozing after I took my train tablets they make me so tired but they do take the edge off this pain. This afternoon I had fun with the lies and the girls. Laughter is such good medicine. The pain is the same but I’m doing a little more movement so I figure it’s an improvement.