givingupI’m getting better! I was awake from midnight last night.  I must have dozed eventually and woke at 3 AM and was wide awake until the alarm went off at six. This is ridiculous. I saw the plastic surgeon this morning and he inflated my chest expanded again.

The drain is still going strong and he said he will remove it at the next appointment, because we go to Hawaii in 3 1/2 weeks.  Now this is a bright light on the horizon.

So how do I feel? Apart from sore, whingy and useless I’m okay. It’s frustrating that I can’t raise this with any of my specialists but that is not what they are here for. They are here to treat the cancer not my well-being. This is someone else’s job and I’m in the centre.

My shoulder blades burn from the nerve damage and the same feeling is under my arms. My left side is swollen and bruised. My right side is not as bad but it really burns at the drain site. I have no energy, my libido is non-existent, my body is sore and stiff, I can’t move properly because of the drain which means I’m getting more sore every day.

And this is with the easier option of breast reconstruction. Happy days!