showerSo I clock watched again last again from 2 AM; this is becoming a really bad joke. I’m getting quite tired of being up and awake and alone with my thoughts all through the night.

My chest is still so sore and the drain is going really strong which means I’m stuck with it. The burning nerve pain from this tube in my chest is hard to describe. It also means I have to drag his bag around with me wherever I go.

We went to church today and then Marc and I had breakfast.  We are trying to do as many of the normal things as possible so this something normal and predictable and enjoyable at the moment.

We came home and I went to bed completely exhausted. I got up to make Sunday dinner to the family this is a ritual I want to keep.  Of course I’m still really bad at asking for help.

I’m still in a really low mood, I’m tired of being this sore, I’m totally over the drain and I really want a shower.