disorganizedI’m at home today doing some study and errands. I still feel really emotional, I’m sad then angry – seriously I am all over the place. I just want to run away and not see anyone. The problem is I can’t escape myself.

I try to colour the great tuft of hair on my head and it just didn’t work it looks really stupid. Like I needed any more help to look weird.  I have physio tomorrow and I don’t go but I’m sure it will be good for me.  I am trying to avoid all Human contact, both for them and for my benefit.

I spoke to my sister and she reminded me that I’m meant to feel like crap until at least October. That’s purely based on the treatments and surgery I’ve had.  Considering it’s only May I am rushing myself again. It’s not a nice thought that October is so far away but I am on track. Thank goodness Marc will be home tonight to protect the kids from me (too funny, but true).