twodaysI woke feeling so achy and sore this morning. I don’t know why I mention this every day because it seems like my new normal. But perhaps someone reading this will relate and it will help them feel like they’re not alone. It’s Friday and two days before my last surgery. In this surgery will be having my left breast removed as a preventative measure. I’m doing this because both my mother and my sister both had breast cancer comeback in the other breast after a mastectomy.  This is the only way that I believe I will feel safe in my body.

I saw the physio again today he is so wonderful such a positive force. He is so encouraging that I will regain my health and my zest for life and love it. I went and saw a funny movie today it was good but it certainly was not what I expected to see. I’m enjoying my solo movie days.

I felt really sick all afternoon it’s so up and down on this journey. Now that chemo has finished and the toxins are hopefully leaving my body I’m expecting to feel better. The hospital called today they are all ready for me on Monday. Every day a step closer to being better I really need to remind myself of this.