Coming_BackThis cold is still here and I’m not sleeping great at all. I had acupuncture and lymphatic massage today, these complimentary therapies make such a difference. It’s frustrating though that despite having private health cover these therapies are rarely recognised and supported.

Another reason that this health crisis is so challenging, not only do you not have a means to earn money, but if you want to get well sooner or at all you need to pay for treatment that is very expensive.

We had a Passover Communion Supper with our connect group tonight.  What a special night.  The sense of gratitude we all shared for our Saviour and all He has done for us was significant and beautiful to behold.

My hair is growing back!  I have about 2-3 mm all over my head!  It feels really nice to rub.  I’m still achy all over, today has been a better day with energy (perhaps the acupuncture) but I know I need to look after myself.  Something I have never thought about before.  Not before cancer anyway, I was always last on my very long list.

I feel like the world is screaming for me to hurry up and get back to things but “no”! I need to stop, take stock, do things differently and focus on want is important.  BUSY no more……. Especially for the sake of it.