takecontrolSo today I had a lymphatic massage – Yay!  If you haven’t tried one, please do, they are so gentle and good for you.  My cold is still really gross but a little better which is the only reason I left the house today.

I decided today to reduce my calorie intake get under control as a want to lose excess weight that I gained through treatment. This is not only to feel better, to feel like myself again, but also to decrease the risk of the cancer returning.

Every fat cell that we have in our bodies creates estrogen and I need my circulating estrogen to be as low as possible.  This is one of the ways to keep myself safe from the return of this insidious disease.

The problem? Well not only does Tamoxifen and menopause mean that it’s really hard to lose weight. But I my body is so toxic from the chemotherapy that the weight is hanging onto my body to try and protect me from these toxins as it’s a great place to store them. I am so achy that exercise is ridiculously painful.  Even stretching can render me unable to move properly for days. My muscles are so inflamed. I’ve really got a fight on my hands.

Add to that hypothyroidism from Hashimotos, and I am almost beyond help.  I look at a chocolate bar and gain weight……

Another complication, if I needed it was that the extreme fatigue that I feel causes me to really crave carbohydrates. And I’m not talking the beautiful fibrous veggie carbohydrates, oh no no no. I crave the sweet highly processed highly addictive kind.

I’m going to combine nutrition guidelines that the daily income intake of 1200 calories.  I also need to keep a diary so I actually know what I am taking in and keep it at that amount.   It’s time for me to back control.  This is the theory anyways……