summer timeIt’s Summer time, and every summer our kids go to “Summer Camp.” This is 3-5 days when the kids go off and do crazy stuff and the grown ups get to have a summer break too.

I am feeling ok as the day begins, I am still sore where I had the mastectomy, I’m aching all over but the mouth ulcers are beginning to get less painful. We drop Sam to the bus for camp and he says that he fears he will starve while he’s away. Such a drama queen, my boy! I have packed him so many snacks that even if he ate nothing else he would survive.

I do the usual mum thing, “brush your teeth, use sunscreen, remember to drink plenty of water, Oh and have fun!” Sam hears “Blah Blah blah ….Fun” Typical parent teenager interaction really J

Marc and I go home and have a relatively easy day. I poddle about and have a rest in the arvo and then we have a date night which is exciting.

On the way into the city we got to Oxford street and go to a wig and hat shop to get some bamboo caps so that I am prepared when my hair starts to go. It’s so weird but the ladies are lovely and I pick a few different colours. I’m such a girl scout; I need to be prepared. But seriously, when is it a convenient time for your hair to fall out?

We decided to go to Gold Class and see “Walter Mitty.” We went to a little French restaurant for dinner and then on to the movies. What a great movie, so good to get out of my own head for a while and be in some ones else’s. It’s so nice to be doing “normal” things together, just spending time, and especially not talking about cancer.

Such a lovely day and I didn’t even need Endone tonight! Progress……