Today is one of my family’s birthday. It’s a Sunday so we went to church and then went to the shops to get something to bless her with. I really struggle with the shops, everything in my body aches and walking around is hard.  The crowds frustrate me (people bump into you so much, you don’t realize until your body hurts like mine) and my hot flushes leave me in a state of panic.moods

It ends up being a busy day with the shopping and preparing the meal but we had a lovely day. This is one of the ways that I try and give back by blessing others and doing the things that I would normally do.  I am usually the one who cooks the birthday meal and cake.  I probably could let it go, but it makes me feel like something in my world is sort of normal.

I’m really struggling with my mood at the moment. I’m feeling frustrated, angry, sad and completely unable to be pleased. It is wreaking havoc, for my husband and I, it’s like I have permanent PMT.

I don’t know if it’s me or him or both of us.  It could be because I am so achy and tired and it also could be my hormones.  I try to talk to him but he keeps shutting down. He’s probably worried about what I will say because I’m so angry and frustrated. Not sure what to do about this one but need to work out a way through.