I still have my cold I’m beginning to think it’s becoming a permanent resident. On of my wonderful friends from university visited today with his little boy, gosh it was wonderful to see them.

Friends that stick with you through the good times and bad are worth more than gold.  If you have people like this in your world please take care of those relationships. It just means so much when they show up and spend time with you just because you’re you. hangingon

I really pray that I can pay this forward one day and be a friend like this to someone in need.  In fact I pray and am already that friend.

I went to the movies this afternoon with my family and saw the movie “Noah”. Such a famous biblical story and I’m not sure what I feel about the movie. I am glad however that I can still go to the movies with my family its something that I can still enjoy doing.

My mood continues to be black and I feel lost and I just don’t feel like myself. My hot flushes are out of control and I feel really cold as well – it’s the weirdest thing going from being on fire to being a freezing cold. All I can think to do is just keep eating nourishing food, moving my body in the way I’ve been taught and keeping my thinking on track I don’t know what else I can do to try and gain back some sense of normalcy.

I just pray my family is still hanging in there with me while I am stuck in this horrible place.  If you are supporting someone through chronic illness, hang in there, they may feel like they are losing themselves, and may take out there frustrations on you.  Just know it is not you, but their struggle and they need you now more than ever.