walkingawayA big improvement I didn’t wake up until 4 AM, what a gift. Then I was awake at 5:40 this feels like a miracle. It wasn’t long ago that this would have been an awful nights sleep, funny how things change.

The drain is still going strong, I have lots of nerve pain, it would be easy to get frightened that I refuse and choose to see this as a sign of healing. I’m feeling quite low today, lower than a snakes belly. I don’t know why, apart from feeling useless and tired of this slow process. I’m tired of being in pain and I feel like I have little control over things.

When I look at these words I can see why I feel down. Can I encourage you if you are struggling to then consider putting pen to paper? The power of our words is hard to argue with. Before I write this post I felt like I had no reason to feel down, I was confused and frustrated with my feelings. There when I look at my truth and see what I’m dealing with, it makes perfect sense that I feel down.

I found myself eating to comfort myself today. I know I need a new plan, but today it’s food.