betty booDid you know that some people have actually died from Chemotherapy? It is powerfully toxic stuff. So much so that the medical professionals dolling out your treatment are covered from head to toe in gear that look like a scene from a sci-fi movie.

So with this toxic stuff in my system I am feeling pretty weird. As I approach the glass enclosure of the pet store, I see that ‘my’ puppy is not there my heart sinks. I feel my self say, “it’s not meant to be……..”

Then, I see a tiny paw sticking out from below the bed pillow in the enclosure. My hearts lifts as I gently tap the glass and out pops this little beauty!   I am over the moon. We request to have a hold and begin to spray questions at the staff about how can we introduce this pup without upsetting our dear old man Benjamin.

Meanwhile this pup has crawled up my neck into the space between my jaw and collarbone and snuggled right in. Ok so who trained her?? As if I am putting her back in that enclosure, she is mine!!!!

The staff assure us that if we take our time and ensure that Benjamin is treated as the dominant dog, we speak to him, feed him, pat him first etc things should be ok. He needs to feel like this is a positive thing for him. So we buy all the gear we need, fill in the paperwork, it’s like adopting a child almost 😉 (I say this tongue in cheek, I have the utmost respect for anyone who adopts a child whether its here or overseas.)

So we take all of the gear and our new edition “Betty Boo” home. We have said nothing to the family about the pup. All they know is the picture you see above with the tag from Marc saying, “who will love me?”

As we drive in the gate, Samuel comes out gingerly, I think he thought I was going to come home glowing radioactive green or that I would be bald when I came home. He is pleasantly surprised when I look the same. I motion him to me in the car, particularly my lap. When he looks in and sees this tiny precious black pup curled up the love affair begins.

Welcome home Betty Boo, what a highlight to my first chemo day! I will always remember this for the gift of getting you instead of the day I began to poison any remaining cancer in my body.

So we settle Betty in, introduce her to Ben, we take it very slow, Ben is not impressed. I go to bed as my entire body is buzzing, my stomach feels like it is distended and on fire. My legs are aching and so is my head. I take some pain meds and decide to go and lie down. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?