Gosh I’m on a roll, I had a horrible night again. Hot sweats and achy all through the night, so thankful when the sun came up. I’m seeing my gynecologist today to discuss the treatment option of  having my ovaries removed and also had a blood test today to make sure that my body is responding okay after the completion of chemo.one_day_at_a_time_ocean

The gynecologist was really lovely, he said that he recommends doing a curate of the uterus to ensure that all is okay he also said that he would not charge me as he is sympathetic to my journey and wants to save me as much money as possible.  This literally saves me thousands of dollars.

You see even as a private patient I still have to pay a couple thousand dollars gap. The fact that he is waving his fee means that I still get to go to the private hospital system that is really lovely.

I got home and began the filling my surgery booking forms there are two of them because having two different procedures done on the same day. I’m feeling overwhelmed, tired in their still seems to be so much ahead.

I really need to focus on the promises that my Lord has given me and only look to the day that I’m facing. He does say that “He is the lamp to my feet.”  It’s funny how this verse, these words have always been a struggle for me. As I’m so future focused on such a planner, that I would like a spotlight showing me 3 km down the road. But as usual God knows so much more about what is best for me, than I do….

He knows when I’m present and just focus on the day at hand it is much less overwhelming. I’m still learning this. I came home and slept or actually to slide down until dinner, and I had to literally drag myself off the mattress to cook. One day at a time my supplements from the US arrived today.

Helpful hint; if like me you need to take heaps of supplements there is a website called iherb.com it is so much cheaper to get quality supplements.  I encourage you to check them out.