newsflashHi all,  after some recent feedback I thought it was critical to provide some clarity around this blog for you all.

I am writing this blog retrospectively, I am currently just under 12 months from when it all began mid November 2013.   The reason I am clarifying this for you all is that so many people have said to either myself or my Husabnd, “Gosh has Kylie started Chemo again?”

The answer is “No”, my chemo ended some 6 months ago however I am certainly still coping with the aftereffects of this horribly toxic stuff.  Things such as, lethargy, gastro issues, bone and joint pain, taste issues (taste buds still weird).  So apart from today, whenever you read a post it has been written retrospectively.  I needed to do this as the idea of writing as blog was not one that came about when I was diagnosed.

In fact, I was blessed with the fact that I had kept a journal.  This is the longest I have ever consecutively kept a journal and if there is anything I can encourage is for anyone going through a journey that has so much to offer – keep a journal!!

It is such a gift when you can look back and reflect on your journey with such detail.  Particularly, if your memory is compromised for whatever reason like mine has been.  Self reflection is such a powerful exercise to take part in.  If all we really are in control of lis ourselves and our thoughts  —-> actions then self reflection is a necessary part of our evolutionary joinery into better people.

I have always been so driven to take whatever learning has been thrust upon me.  I kinda think, if I have to go through something hard and crappy I may as well find some good in it.  Although it is weird to say this, much good has come from this experience.

I am learning that I am a “human being” not a “human doing.”  My output does not define me, I am strong in many ways, I can see the good in a very bad scenario, I have amazing friends and family that have stood with me, my family is phenomenal, my kids are resilient and have such big hearts, I know who I am in God so much more now.   I also know that I am never alone, He is always with me.

I also have a very large fire burning in my belly to change a few things in this world so that less women and families have to endure want we have over the past 12 months.  There will be positive change, I am determined.

So for all of you lovely and loyal supporters and readers out there, I am not currently going through chemo, I am doing well I am recovering from my last surgery which was about 5 weeks ago and things re going ok.  It is a long journey, it is a hard and unpredictable journey but I am very confident that I will continue to do well.  At the very least – I am learning a heck of a lot!!!

Thanks for all of your support and prayers, it is such a gift I cannot tell you how much it means.