I fell asleep around 5 AM and woke at six. I feel like a truck has hit me but I refuse to let fear take hold. The enemy has planted this massive doubt in my heart. We have spent so much on alternative treatment I’ve stopped work so I can heal.

I’ve been so sick from the treatment the surgery and the medication that I just don’t know how I could work. I take my hat off to all of those women that continue to work through treatments I honestly don’t know how you do it I certainly could not have. digging

Being in my own business also means that everything falls on my shoulders. My shoulders and every other part of my body are exhausted. I need to trust more than ever right now that God has me in his hands. He has told me actually promised me consistently that He has me and that I will be okay that His provision abounds.

I suppose that’s what faith these is believing in those things unseen, digging in when it seems impossible.  Despite the tank being more than empty I go the colour again today and every single speaker has spoken into me over me and filled my cup I am determined to hold on to the promises of God in this season and always. At the end of the day I’m tired and achy but I’m okay.