loveIts Day eight post chemo, I’m so pleased this was the last round. I slept well but I need more my muscles are feeling really tight. I have colour conference starting today! I’m so busy shopping, organising, emailing. Hit the wall at 10 AM that’s not a bad hour of productivity…

I got up at 2 pm and cooked myself some food and healthy snacks the conference.  I’m tired but excited for all God has to offer his girls. I saw the oncologist today, having my ovaries removed is not the most important thing. Thank you for that miracle. I was so concerned about being stuck in this painful, hot haze of menopause I didn’t know if I could do it.

So now I can wait to have my reconstruction and implants done and then see how I feel. I got my script for Tamoxifen again today I won’t start until next week I’ve also confirmed with my plastic surgeon that he will work with my gynecologist when required.

The coordination involved in getting my specialist to work together and speak together is enormous. When you’re feeling at your lowest, when you have no energy and every part of your body hurts it’s a big ask to then be coordinating all of these specialists. It’s no wonder that so many people find this too hard.