scotty and luke MKR
Wow, it’s a miracle – I slept in and I slept well too.  Today is a big day, I meet with Luke and Scott, formerly from MKR, aka “the clean eating guys”.  I’m so excited!!  I get Sam to school early and I need to get to Bondi by 9.30am.  My step daughter is going for her P’s today, she’s nervous but I believe she is ready.

So funny how different perspectives work.  When I made this meeting, both guys said,  let’s catch up late morning.  Late morning to me is 1030 to 11.  Because they’ve been up since the crack of dawn, 9.30am is late to them.

So I made it just in time, sat down in the cafe with my chemo cap on and waited for these two guys to enter the cafe.  I felt quite self-conscious.  When they arrived they were so friendly that I forgot about that really quickly.  Scott is really easy to talk to and very understanding as he’s had chronic illness before.  Luke is crazy and cheeky.

Both were so generous with their time, to meet with a stranger and offer advice on how to be healthier.  I was so impacted that they took time out to help and support me.

Both guys were very keen to hear from me and said that they would be happy to help, especially in the area of clean eating.  The first step for me is to keep a food diary for a few weeks so they can see exactly what I’m up to.

I’m so keen for this process to result in me feeling healthier than I have in such a long time.  Why not?

On the way home I go to Bondi to do some birthday shopping for my man.  I catch up with an old friend and then get a phone call to say that my step daughter has successfully got her P plates, so proud of her.  What an awesome day !!!